Mike Nakhel Flooring: Your Choice for Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Flooring In Jacksonville, FL

Your Choice for Eco-Friendly PVC-Free Flooring In Jacksonville, FL

Discover stylish, durable PVC-free vinyl alternative flooring from Mike Nakhel Flooring. Enjoy the look and durability of traditional vinyl with the benefits of sustainable materials. Jacksonville, FL.

At Mike Nakhel Flooring we are your Jacksonville source for innovative PVC-free vinyl alternative flooring. We offer a beautiful selection that delivers the same look and performance as traditional vinyl, but without the concerns about PVC.

No job is too small, too large, or too detailed. Years of experience and a professional attitude mean you'll be delighted with your new floor from Mike Nakhel Flooring, Jacksonville's Premier Flooring Installer.

Sustainable Flooring Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Upgrade any room in your home with the beauty and practicality of PVC-free vinyl alternative flooring. This flooring choice is designed to look indistinguishable from traditional vinyl, but delivers a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for your home or business.

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PVC-Free vs. Traditional Vinyl: Making a Sustainable Choice

Many people love the look and functionality of vinyl flooring. However, traditional vinyl is made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which can raise environmental and health concern. Most major flooring manufacturers have already started to transition away from PVC. Here are a few important differences between Traditional Vinyl flooring and PVC-free options -

  • Sustainability: PVC-free flooring uses recycled materials and eco- conscious manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impact.
  • Health Concerns: Some studies suggest potential health risks associated with PVC exposure. PVC-free flooring eliminates these concerns, creating a healthier environment for your family.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Traditional vinyl can sometimes off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can impact indoor air quality. PVC-free options typically emit lower VOCs, promoting a healthier breathing environment.

Jacksonville PVC-Free Flooring Experts

We know selecting the perfect flooring requires careful consideration. Our Jacksonville flooring experts will guide you through our beautiful selection of PVC-free alternatives. We'll help you find the perfect combination of aesthetics, performance, and environmental impact.

Let us help you make a beautiful and sustainable statement in your home. Visit our showroom or our website here to explore our catalogue of PVC-free vinyl alternatives!

Jacksonville PVC-Free Flooring Experts